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Prof.-Godfrey-B.-TangwaWelcome to the website of the Cameroon Bioethics Initiative (CAMBIN)! CAMBIN is a fiercely independent non-governmental, apolitical and non-lucrative organization, created in 2005, legalized in 2006, and dedicated  to the promotion of bioethics in general and biomedical research ethics in particular on the African continent in general and Cameroon in particular. The official seat of CAMBIN is in Yaounde, the capital city of Cameroon. CAMBIN started off as a country chapter of the PABIN (Pan-African Bioethics Initiative) but quickly established its autonomy and independent manner of operating, while keeping close contact and maintaining collaboration and cooperation with the continental parent body.
CAMBIN is currently run by an executive committee of 6 persons, including 1 Chairperson, 1 Vice-Chairperson, 1 Secretary General, 1 Assistant Secretary General, 1 Financial Officer and 1 Treasurer.
As of 2012, CAMBIN had about 75 registered members, some active, others dormant, some hyperactive, others super-dormant. In addition, there were about 10 “friends of CAMBIN” who had privileged access to CAMBIN electronic mails and discussions and sometimes in fact participated in discussions, without being registered members. A current policy of CAMBIN is to move super-dormant members who have not explicitly renounced their membership to the list of friends of CAMBIN.
CAMBIN activities are centered around monthly meetings (second Wednesday of every month), during which there is always an attempt to further the capacity-building of members in bioethics through a lecture, debate or news related to bioethics events. A general assembly of CAMBIN holds once every year and is always combined with a conference on a relevant educative theme. A central pillar in the CAMBIN operational structure is the Ethics Review and Consultancy committee (ERCC) which meets on the last Wednesday of every month to review research protocols submitted to it for ethics approval. CAMBIN has been a pioneer in empirical research on bioethics and has a steadily increasing number of publications in some of the top-ranked peer-reviewed journals in the world. Furthermore, CAMBIN has a translation unit (CTU), formerly Amanet Sub-Hub (ASH) translation unit, capable, willing and ever ready to do prompt high quality French to English and English to French translations on request. [See the English version of the TRREE website (www.trree.org) for a sample of our translations].
Within its region in Africa, with its particular challenges for an association of its type, CAMBIN has come a long way since 2005. At CAMBIN, we have attempted many things with mitigated success but capacity in bioethics, empirical research in Bioethics and efficient and rigorous ethics review of research protocols remain our central objectives and aspirations.  We still have a long way to go, no doubt, but we are on the road! Welcome to our website!!
Godfrey B. Tangwa, PhD.
(Founder and Chairperson of CAMBIN)

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