Files for submission to the CAMBIN ERCC shall comprise the documents listed below. To avoid delay, it is the responsibility of the researcher to ensure that his/her file is complete before submission –

    1. CAMBIN ERCC Application form
    2. Summary of the research protocol. This should include the proposed title of the study, a brief background, the objectives and rationale for the study, the methods to be used. The summary should not be written in technical language and not exceed one A4 page and typed using Times New Romans; font size 12, double spaced
    3. A complete copy of the research proposal (maximum 12 pages excluding references and annexes)
    4. Curriculum vitae (CV) of the principal investigator and co-investigator(s). In the case of a student the CV of their supervisor (s) and that of the student.
    5. For students, attestation of the supervisor indicating that he/she has read and approved the submission.
    6. Information sheets and consent certificate to be used for the enrolment of research participants in both English and French
    7. Where applicable, insurance forms for research participants
    8. Where applicable, questionnaires to be used in the study
    9. Where applicable, evidence of scientific review and approval by the investigator’s institution
    10. The work plan for the study
    11. Budget and funding statement
    12. A statement indicating whether or not the submitted protocol has previously been submitted for research ethics review and approval to another REC or is currently under such review by another REC.
    13. Proof of payment of required ERCC application fees (15,000-student, 50,000 non student-non funded; 100,000XAF-Locally funded; 200,000XAF-Internationally funded; additional 5% of fees for the stated category-Expedited review).
    14. All documents should be submitted electronically via the submission system on the CAMBIN website. Documents 2-11 should be put as a single PDF file.

Received files (application form and complete proposal) will be acknowledged within 3 days. Administrative review for completeness will be done within a week.