Fill Checklist for protocols to be submitted to the CAMBIN ERCC

Files for submission to the CAMBIN ERCC shall comprise the documents listed below. To avoid delay, it is the responsibility of the researcher to ensure that his/her file is complete before submission. All documents should be submitted via this online platform. We no longer receive hard copies.

    1. CAMBIN ERCC Application form (online application form)
    2. A complete copy of the research proposal
    3. Curriculum vitae of the principal investigator and co-investigator(s). In the case of a student thesis/dissertation, the CV of his/her supervisor (s) and that of the student plus an attestation of the supervisor indicating that he/she is supervising the study).
    4. Consent forms/information sheets to be used for the enrolment of research participants in both English and French
    5. Where applicable, insurance forms for research participants
    6. Where applicable, questionnaires to be used in the study
    7. Where applicable, evidence of scientific review and approval by the investigator’s institution
    8. The work plan for the study
    9. Budget
    10. Proof of payment of required fees (see below)

Documents 2- 10 should be uploaded as a single file.

Important notices

  • Received files would be acknowledged within 3 working days. Administrative review for completeness will be done within a week.
  • From the time the protocol is acknowledged as complete, the committee would meet within 45 days maximum and a response sent within 1 week after the meeting. The proposal could be either in French or English.
  • Further information might be provided with the acknowledgement of receipt.
  • In cases where the ERCC requests supplementary documents, the PI will be responsible to submit these documents within one week.

For any ERCC related inquiries, kindly send an email to: