CAMBIN-CNESS Workshop in Mali

The CAMBIN-CNESS Workshop  held from  the 29th of  November to 1st of  December 2021 at Salle de reunion du CNESS, Bamako, Mali under the theme: “Workshop on Capacity Strengthening and Discussions on Health Research Ethics

The aim of this third workshop was to strengthen the capacity of members of the National Ethics Committee of Mali (CNESS) in the domain of Health Research Ethics (HRE). This workshop also sought to raise national awareness among stakeholders in the health and research sectors about the SNECFA project.

The discussions and training for each of the three days were focused on a specific themes as follows;

Day One: Health Research Ethics in Mali

Day Two: Ethics Evaluation, Public Health Emergencies and Vulnerability.

Day Three: Enhancing the Visibility of National Ethics Committees

Day 1 (November 29, 2021)

Day one started with a presentation by Dr. Odile, the Chair of the Cameroon Bioethics Initiative. She did a presentation on CAMBIN its activities, evolution, functioning, challenges and perspectives. The following presentations followed after:

  • Presentation of the SNECFA Project (by Dr. Mbih Jerome)
  • Presentation of CNESS, its activities, evolution, functioning, challenges and perspective (by  Sékou Diarra/Sambou Soumary)
  • Brief History of Ethics in Health Research (by Prof. Godfrey Tangwa)
  • Helsinki Declaration and its application in the African Context (by Dr Odile Ouwe Missi Oukem)
  • Ethical Landscape of Health Research in Mali: The role of CNESS and other Ethics Committees ( by Pr. Saibou Maiga)

Day 2 (November 30, 2021)

The following presentations were delivered on Day 2

  • Sharing of experience on routine and emergency public health assessment procedures for protocol evaluation (by Lasseni KONATE, member of CNESS)
  • Consideration of vulnerabilities during ethical evaluation of protocols by CNESS (by Lasseni KONATE, member of CNESS.)
  • Vulnerability and health research in routine and emergency situations (by Prof Godfrey Tangwa)
  • Feedback from the National Ethics Committees of Cameroon (CNERSH) and Chad (CNBT) on vulnerability issues (by Dr. Jerome Mbih Tosam)
  •  Contribution of TRREE to Health Research Ethics in Africa (by Pr. Dominique Sprumont)
  • A practical training on TRREE online module (by Apungwa Cornelius, SNECFA Project Manager).

Day 3 (December 1, 2021)

The following presentations were delivered on Day 3

  • Possibility of increasing the visibility of National Ethics Committees presented (by Dr Lasseni KONATE, member of CNESS)
  • Opportunities for increasing the visibility of national ethics committees through the SNECFA project and sharing experiences on other initiatives (by Dr. Jerome Mbih Tosam)
  • Mentorship Action Plan presented (by Dr. Jerome Mbih Tosam)

Through the different presentations and discussion points this goal was attained. A major success for the workshop was the full participation of CNESS and the joint development of the workshop agenda by CAMBIN and CNESS to meet each other’s expectations.

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