Salle de réunion du CNESS, Bamako, Mali

31st May -1st June 2022


General Objective

The aim of this workshop was to support the NEC of Mali in writing their SOPs for the review of research protocols during routine and emergency health situations. This workshop also sought to raise national awareness among stakeholders in the health and research sectors about the SNECFA project. 

Format of the Workshop

The discussions and training for each of the two days were focused on a specific theme as follows.

Day One: The Nature of SOPs 

Day Two: Development of CNESS SOPsPractical session


Day One – The Nature of Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) (May 31st, 2022)

On day 1, there were two main presentations done. One by Dr Odile Missi on the WHO guidelines for Standard Operational Procedures  and another by Dr. Chi Prumus who gave a Presentation on CAMBIN’s Standard Operational Procedures.


Day Two: Development of CNESS Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) (June 1st 2022) 

Day 2 focused on working group discussions. Using the CAMBIN sample SOP,  4 different working groups worked on developing the CNERS SOP based on the different sections that they were assigned.  Once all the different sections were received, the SOP was then harmonised into one document and given to one of the CNERS member for presentation. CNERS members had to review the entire documents for omissions or corrections as it was presented.



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